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Bingo - You're Dead

Murder Is My Game, Vol. 1

In Goose Down, Ohio, murder is as rare as an empty bingo hall on a Saturday night. But when Alice Duns, lead kazooist at the Senior Citizens Center, is found dead in Joe Thom's hot tub, it's big news. 

The small community is stunned, and Joe, the prime suspect, has disappeared. Tippi Mulgrew, Alice's friend, suggests the killer might be trying to sabotage the Honkers' chances in the Midwest Kazoo Competition, where the prize is an all-expense trip to Cherokee, North Carolina, with twenty-four hours of free bingo.

When a record-breaking blizzard cripples the town, putting investigations on hold and leaving a group of seniors trapped in the Senior Center, Tippi and the others decide to party down. After all, they have plenty of food, they certainly know how to entertain themselves and there’s nowhere else they have to be.

But as more suspicious ‘accidents’ occur, isolated from the world, these resilient septuagenarians are in for the fight of their lives.

Bingo day will never be the same.

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"I think 'Bingo-You're Dead' will be an entertaining tale of murder and mayhem in of all places, a senior community of Goose Down (A great place to settle down!) have blue hair, walkers, bingo and murder...a delightful combination."

Amazon breakthrough Novel Award Expert Reviewer

Mahjong Is Murder

Murder Is My Game, Vol. 2

"I'm dead," Tippi Mulgrew groaned.
Violet's footsteps quickened as she raced down the hall. The scene before her resembled a chilling sequence from a Hollywood disaster movie...
Welcome to Goose Down, Ohio—a seemingly tranquil town turned into a hotbed of intrigue. Enter the Senior Citizens' Mahjong Tournament, where the innocuous words, "I'm dead," take on a whole new and sinister meaning. As the once-friendly competition grinds to a halt, Sheriff Grange and his small law enforcement team find themselves thrust into a familiar yet unnerving scenario. They must unravel the twisted puzzle of a killer's identity, while navigating a maze of deceptive red herrings, conniving real estate developers, and a clandestine family of misfits.
Join Sheriff Grange and the rest of the Bingo gang as they reunite for another thrilling escapade in "Mahjong Is Murder." Brace yourself for a tale of dastardly fun, where the stakes are high, and every move could be their last.

KindleCover121117_edited4Twitter copy.jpg

With this book, Lou Fletcher has become one of my favorite authors. There are many plot twists...And what a fantastic ending...makes you want to chortle out loud.

G. Wall, Canada

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Never A CrossXWord

Murder Is My Game, Vol. 3

Our favorite Goose Down septuagenarians are at it again. When their New Year’s celebration takes a deadly turn, one resident remarks, “When Branta Acres advertised as a community for active adults over fifty-five, I misunderstood the meaning of the word 'active'. I figured it meant potlucks, fishing tournaments, shuffleboard, you know, old people stuff. Murder wasn’t on my mind.”
Join Sheriff Grange and his team as they navigate the challenges of hunting down a killer in this latest installment of
Murder Is My Game.

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This humorous and thrilling whodunits sure to captivate fans of murder mysteries. Set in an unconventional scenario among a retirement community, you may find yourself unexpectedly engaged with the characters who each have their own personal charm. The author's writing style keeps readers on the edge of their seats they're taken through clues while trying to unravel this intricate mystery. With alluring plot twists that'll leave you guessing to its surprising conclusion, this book provides both suspenseful entertainment and lighthearted humor throughout making its perfect for those looking for a cozy or fast-paced read. Loved it!

C Lopez, Vine Voice

M$. Fortune

50 Shades of Gray:

The Adventures of Merry June Pigg

Merry June Pigg is celebrating her seventieth birthday by ditching her sensible shoes, changing her name—and running away from home. Since she retired from teaching, Merry June has dreamed of being a contestant on a popular television game show. Her audition video has been accepted and she’s ready to embark on the journey of her life. Certain her husband of fifty years wouldn’t understand, she leaves him a note and a freezer full of home cooked meals and sets off. Throughout her journey, she encounters a string of wonderful, weird and sometimes-scary characters that change the way she sees the world, and more importantly, herself. She learns that the glamour of the road and even Hollywood, is nothing compared to the people who love her and think of her as a star in her own right.M$. Fortune is the funny and poignant adventure of a woman who dares to defy the stereotypes of what it means to grow old. Merry June proves that aging with humor, compassion and a generous dash of courage is what it takes to be a real winner.


Great tale of a "woman of a certain age" who goes on the adventure of her life. It takes great courage and lots of planning, but she manages to "escape" her real life and run towards her dream. 'Be careful what you wish for' may be the appropriate warning for anyone who follows her example. For a frolicking good time travel with Mary June. You'll enjoy the trip!

C. Hall

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