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Kandy Witte

Publisher and Author


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Coming 2023

Welcome to Goose Down, Ohio, where Moira Potts has shattered the glass ceiling as the town’s first female sheriff. Moira knew she’d been a good deputy but this is different. Now, she’s the one in charge and while she’s anxious to get to work, she’s more than a little nervous.

But nerves are a luxury the new sheriff can’t afford. 

Before the campaign signs have all come down and the last balloon has popped, the unthinkable happens. A school shooter critically wounds the town’s beloved track coach making the people of the town wonder: Is the new sheriff, up for the monumental challenge that lies ahead? She’s young, she’s untested, and she’s —well, a she. 

Join Moira Potts in this thrilling cozy mystery as she takes on the most important case of her career, proving to the town—and to herself- that Goose Down has a sheriff who gets the job done. 

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Available for Pre-Order Soon

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About Kandy Witte

Kandy Witte, an author and publisher with a successful global reach, boasts more than two decades of expertise in the industry. Her extensive career in program design and social work focusing on geriatrics, along with her life in rural southwest Ohio, serve as  rich sources of inspiration for her literary work.

 Kandy and her husband reside in  Maineville, Ohio.

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